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`The goal of a Webmaster is to design, implement and maintain an effective World Wide Web site.  To achieve this, a Webmaster must possess knowledge of fields as diverse as network configuration, interface and graphic design, software development, business strategy, writing, marketing and project management.  Because the function of a Webmaster encompasses so many areas, the position is often not held by a single person but by a team of individuals.'' -- Webmaster's Guild (SHUTDOWN)

A recent poll of leading technology companies turned up 33 separate job categories some of which are the following:

  •  Internet strategist -- $121,200. Develops strategy for use of the Internet in support of division or company goals. Requires a bachelor's degree in computer science, business or marketing and three to five years experience in information systems design.
  • Electronic commerce manager -- $120,100. Manages Internet commerce for a business unit. Requires bachelor's degree in computer science or business, plus several years of experience in defining business systems.
  • Web publisher -- $78,500. Directs staff that produces content for Web projects. Requires bachelor's in design or communications, seven to 10 years of production management, and one year of Web experience.
  • Internet engineer -- $76,700. Acts as technical resource for company's Internet unit. Requires bachelor's degree in computer science and five years of software experience, including two years of Internet experience.
  • Forum manager -- $50,300. Manages an Internet chat room. Requires basic knowledge of online tools and company policies.
  • Web editor -- $47,400. Develops content for Web sites. Requires bachelor's degree in English, journalism experience and knowledge of HTML (hypertext markup language) and Web-page design.
  • Graphic artist -- $45,200. Uses online tools to solve routine technical design problems. Requires bachelor's degree in related field and knowledge of digital design tools.
From: American Electronics Association 4/20/1998.

If you want to prepare for a career as a Webmaster, schedule as many of the following courses as possible.  Go for depth in either business skills, content management and design, or technical skills and make sure to have enough breadth by taking some courses in the other areas.

BUSINESS SKILLS (strategy and marketing)
ACCT 201-203 
ACCT 335 
ACCT 435
Principles of Accounting 
Personal Income Tax 
Advanced Income Tax

ECON 204 
ECON 211 
ECON 212 
ECON 488
Fundamentals of Economics 
Principles of Macroeconomics 
Principles of Microeconomics 
International Trade and Finance (or FINA 488)

GBUS 160 
GBUS 361 
GBUS 362 
GBUS 366
Introduction to Business 
Business Law I 
Business Law II 
Operations Management and Production

MGMT 371 
MGMT 471 
MGMT 476
Management and Organizational Behavior 
Organizational Change and Development 
Motivation and Leadership

MKTG 381 
MKTG 383 
MKTG 488
Principles of Marketing 
Principles of Advertising
International Marketing Strategy

 Audio and video technology
COMM 235 
COMM 301
Introduction to Video 
Audio Production

Writing and editing
JOUR 245 
JOUR 247 
JOUR 350
Copy Editing 
Writing for Public Information

Graphic design
ART 161-163 
GRPH 255 
GRPH 263 
GRPH 270 
GRPH 335 
PHTO 156
Desktop Publishing 
Webpage Design and Construction 
Computer Composition 
Digital Imaging 
Principles of Photography

TECHNICAL SKILLS (developer, administrator, networking, security, e-commerce)
Contact the Computer Science Department or the Business (CIS) Department for more details
Database management systems 
Transaction processing 
Operating systems 
  • Unix
  • MS-NT
Systems Administration & Networking 
  • UNIX operating system
  • Kernel tuning
  • Unix tools
  • Security issues (Unix, Network & WWW)
  • Web server installation, configuration and operation
  • Internet applications (WWW, FTP, Telnet, mail, MIME types)
  • List server configuration
  • C, C++, Java
  • Unix shell
  • CGI programming
  • Perl, Java script
  • sed
  • grep
  • awk
  • Visual Basic
PSYC 130 
PSYC 266
General Psychology 
Learning and  Behavior



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