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Building blocks of a successful IT career

Foundation Skills Business Skills
Ability to learn new skills
Analytic capabilities  and problem-solving skills
Communication skills (verbal and written)
Broad education and global perspective
General management
Project management
Conflict resolution
Understanding of business operation
Technical Skills References are asked about the following traits
Current technologies
Programming languages
Strengths and weaknesses
Work ethic
Relationship with supervisors
Customer service skills
Ability to work under stress
Communication & organizational skills
Reference misplaced.

Factors that contribute to innovation, broader application of technology, and valued by employers.

  • Intellectual accomplishment in other disciplines.
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Breadth of ability and experience
  • Social commitment
American Society for Engineering Education. (1994) Engineering Education for a Changing World. Joint project report of the Engineering Deans Council and the Corporate Roundtable of the ASEE, http://www.asee.org/publications/reports/green.cfm.
Dahir, M. (1993) "Educating engineers for the real world," Technology Review, August/September, pp. 14-16.

Questions asked of references by prospective employers.

  • System Administrator position (2000.01.31)
    1. What is the length and nature of your relationship to ....?
    2. Please describe and rate (excellent, good, fair, poor) his Customer Service skills.
    3. What would you say are his strengths?
    4. What would you say are his weaknesses?