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CS & E: R&D Projects

This document describes the current state and future plans for research in the Computer Science department.

Faculty research interests

Anthony Aaby
General areas of interest:

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Programming Lanaguages
  • Theory of Programming
  • Automated Reasoning
Previous projects:
  • Temporal logic for specification and systhesis of parallel programs
  • Automated reasoning using the analytic tableau method
Current projects:

Future plans:

Larry Aamodt
General areas of interest:

Previous projects:

Current projects:

Future plans:

Jim Klein
General areas of interest:

  • Theory
  • Scientific applications
  • Discrete math
  • numerical algorithms
Previous projects:
  • Number theory
Current projects:
  • Music workstation
  • Inference of closed-form expressions
  • Matrix-matrix exponentiation
  • Addition chains
Future plans:
  • Real-time collection & modeling of meterological data
  • Digital analysis and design of music

Future Plans

To maintain support for the research program in computer science we need to:
  • maintain the instructional environment (to train students in the tools),
  • maintain faculty access to hardware and software,
  • maintain a specialized departmental research lab, and
  • maintain a representative collection of computer science journals in the library.
We propose the following:


Item Quantity Cost/unit Total
Student Unix Workstation 10 10,000 100,000 (shareable lab)
Faculty Unix Workstation 3 10,000 30,000
Research lab workstation 3 10,000 30,000
Mult-processor workstation 1 6,000 6,000
Music workstation 1 6,000 6,000
100 mbs network (Hub & NICs) 5,000
Software 5,000
TOTALS $176,000


Salary support for three faculty and four students per year over 4 years.
Item Quantity Cost/year Total
Students 4
Faculty 3
Support personnel 1


Funding for the ACM, IEEE Computer society and other essential journals and highspeed network for the workstations.
Item Cost/year Total
ACM Journals 2,500 11,000
IEEE Computer Society Journals ?
Other Journals 2,000 8,000
TOTALS $19,000