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Purpose: to provide easy access, for faculty and majors, to the major texts and reference materials of the discipline.
Not all of the texts listed here are available. This list may be out of date.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Aho, Alfred V.
The design and analysis of computer algorithms.
Akl, Selim G.
The design and analysis of parallel algorithms.


Kogge, Peter M. (1991)
The architecture of symbolic computers. McGraw-Hill.
Mano, Morris
Computer system architecture.
Patterson and Hennessy (1994)
Computer Organization & Design: the Hardware/Software Interface Morgan Kaufman

Artificial Intelligence


  • Rich, Elaine & Knight, Kevin Artificial Intelligence
  • Barr & Feigenbaum The Handbook of Aritificial Intelligence

Automated Reasoning

  • Wos Automated reasoning
  • Boyer, Robert S. A computational logic
  • Chou, Shang-Ching, 19 Mechanical geometry theorem proving
  • Fitting, Melvin, 1942 First-order logic and automated the
  • Gallier, Jean H. Logic for computer science: founda
  • Chang, Chin-Liang, 19 Symbolic logic and mechanical theorem proving

Computational Science

Database and Information Retrieval

  • Ullman Database Systems

Computer Graphics

Human Computer Interaction

Numeric and Symbolic Computation

Operating Systems and Networks

Bach, Maurice
The Design of the UNIX Operating System
Comer, Douglas
Operating system design: The Xinu approach
Egan, Janet I.
Writing a UNIX device driver
Nemeth, et al.
UNIX System Administration Handbook 2nd. ed. Prentice-Hall 1995.
Silberschatz & Gavin
Operating Systems Concepts
Tannenbaum, Andrew
Modern Operating Systems

Programming Languages


  • Sebesta Concepts of Programming Languages
  • Sethi Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs

Automata and Theory of Computation

  • Davis, Ruth E. Truth, Deduction, and Computation:
  • Hopcroft & Ullman Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation
  • Salomaa, Arto Computation and Automata
  • Linz, Peter (1996) An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata 2nd ed. D. C. Heath and Company


  • Aho, Alfred V. Compilers, Principles, Techniques
  • Fischer, Charles N. Crafting a Compiler
  • Holub, Allen I. Compiler Design in C


Slonneger and Kurtz (1995)
Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages Addison-Wesley
Stoy, Joseph
Denotational Semantics: The Scott-Strachey Approach

Language Specific

  • Abelson, Harold Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • Hogger, Christopher J. Essentials of Logic Programming
  • Sterling, Leon The Art of Prolog: Advanced Programming Techniques

Software Engineering

  • Alagic, Suad, 1946- The Design of Well-structured and Correct Programs
  • Arsac, Jacques Foundations of Programming
  • Ben-Ari, M Principles of Concurrent Programming
  • Bentley, Jon Louis More Programming Pearls: Confessions of Programmer
  • Bentley, Jon Louis Writing Efficient Programs
  • Chandy, K. Mani An Introduction to Parallel Programming
  • Gries, David The Science of Programming
  • Kernighan, Brian W. The Elements of Programming Style
  • Kernighan, Brian W. Software Tools
  • Kernighan, Brian W. The UNIX Programming Environment
  • Liskov, B. Abstraction and Specification in Programs
  • Loeckx, J. J. C. The Foundations of Program Verification
  • Meyer, Bertrand Object-oriented Software Construction
  • Reynolds, John C. The Craft of Programming

Social, Professional and Ethical Issues

Huff & Finholt (1994)
Social Issues in Computing--Putting Computing in its Place McGraw-Hill Inc.
Oz, Effy (1994)
Ethics for the Information Age B&E Tech
Perrolle (1987)
Computers and Social Change--Information, Property, and Power Wadsworth Publishing

Mathematics and Logic

Crossley, John N. Constructive Order Types
Curry, Haskell B. Combinatory Logic
DeLong, Howard A Profile of Mathematical Logic
Fitting, Melvin Chris Intuitionistic Logic, Model Theory
Kleene, Stephen Cole The Foundations of Intuitionistic Mathematics
Martin-Lof, Per Notes on Constructive Mathematics
Wrightson, Graham On Some Semantic Tableau Proof Procedures
Barendregt, H. P. The Lambda Calculus: Its Syntax and Semantics
Fitting, Melvin Chris Proof Methods for Modal and Intuitionistic Logic
Beeson, Michael J. Foundations of Constructive Mathematics
Henderson, Peter Functional Programming: Application
Knuth, Donald Ervin The Art of Computer Programming
Kroger, Fred Temporal Logic of Programs
Nerode, A. and Shore, R. (1993)
Logic for Applications Springer-Verlag


Horowitz, Ellis ed. (1985)
Programming Languages: A Grand Tour Computer Science Press
Ito, Kiyosi (1993)
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics 2nd ed. MIT Press
Laplante, Philip (1996)
Great Papers in Computer Science West Publishing Company
van Leeuwen, J. (ed) (1990)
Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science MIT Press