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Senior Projects

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Carman, E. Preston
Carr, Jared F.
George, Ryan T.
Jensen, Kelly J.
Mundall, David E.



Graham, Todd
Halvorsen, Chad
Mueller, Brett
Rodriguez, Sam
Shrock, Court
Van Dolson, Ray
Woehler, Aaron


Bowman, Cliff
Wesslen, Todd


Beeson, Eric
Buchheim, Hans


Fortiner, Samuel
Hanson, Eric
    Language Translating Chat
Reinhardt, Martin
Vliet, John


Driesen, Erwin
Parallel Programming with MPI
Francis, Karl
Power PC 604 Simulator and Assembler


Downs, Warren.
  1. Survey of Minimal OSs
Engelman, John.
  1. Survey of Network Analysis Tools
  2. Network Analysis Tool Design Proposal
  3. Network Sniffer Implementation
Foster, Mark.
  1. Multimedia Applications on the WWW
  • Example HTLM document: Maintaining a Todo and Done lists
  • A syllabus for WEB based Multimedia for secondary teachers.
  • Design and implementation of a web server.
McNeil, James.
  1. Computer Assisted Learning
  • Graphical user interface for rote memorization of arithmetic tables
Russell, Timothy.
  1. Computer Based Language Instruction Tools


Shannon Dobbins, Paul Ford, & Roger Santo
Electronic Implementation of Curriculum Committee Forms